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Times are changing and free software is leading the way...

About Us

YouTube Downloader 4 Free is developed by Gear Box Computers.

Free Software is the new wave. We spent years developing software that consumers had to pay for. Well, the world is changing and we are changing too. Let's give the people free software and let advertisers pay for it. Just as your favorite show on TV is paid for by advertising (commercials) so will your software. Enter a new era... We present "YouTube Downloader 4 Free"...

Who We Are

We are a close-knit family owned tech company with strong values.

Times are tough in the world's economy and our goal is to provide free software.

Founded in 2002 our company is celebrating it's 10th Anniversary. It surely hasn't been an easy road. To succeed in today's highly competitive market one must remain focused and not lose sight of their goals. As a small business we have seen our share of ups and downs. Having a supporting family team has allowed us to continue to grow and make it through the bumpy times.

As a family we have truly learned that "Tomorrow is not guaranteed but should be considered a blessing". We would especially like to thank a certain loving son, brother, father, grandfather, uncle and friend for changing our lives in the short time he had on this earth. We miss your strength, love, wisdom and guidance everyday.

“It's not easy to work for months or even years on a software project and then give it away for free. There is always going to be some sentimental attachment to my projects. Enjoy it everyone!”
-Paul, Application Developer

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News & Events

YouTube Downloader 4 Free - News

January / 27th / 2014

New release of "YouTube Downloader 4 Free" software version 1.4. Updates to fix problems downloading videos after youtube updates. Added support for downloading VEVO Music Videos.

YouTube Downloader 4 Free - News

2nd / March / 2012

Official release of "YouTube Downloader 4 Free" software.

YouTube Downloader 4 Free - News

2nd / February / 2012

Free YouTube Downloader app is in beta testing and should be released within 30 days.

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