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Download Videos From YouTube and Convert File Formats

YouTube Downloader 4 Free makes it quick and easy to download video files from to your computer. You can save from YouTube in formats such as .MP4 | MPEG-4, .FLV | FLASH VIDEO files. Included is a "Get Current YouTube Video" button to extract the video link from your browser into the application. The software program automatically can select high quality video as the default setting.

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About Us

YouTube Downloader 4 Free is developed by Gear Box Computers.

Free Sotware is the new wave. We spent years developing software that consumers had to pay for. Well, the world is changing and we are changing too. Let's give the people free software and let advertisers pay for it. Just as your favorite show on TV is paid for by advertising (commercials) so will your software. Enter a new era... We present "YouTube Downloader 4 Free"...

About Us
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About YouTube Downloader 4 Free


Download and Save Your Favorite Videos From YouTube.

With our free software app, you can easily watch YouTube files on your computer. You can open your browser to a YouTube video and then click the "Get Current YouTube Video" button. This will extract the link and movie information. Next, just click download and select the location on your PC to save the file. Now you can sit back and enjoy the music video you just downloaded from youtube!

News & Events

YouTube Downloader 4 Free - News

January / 27th / 2014

New release of "YouTube Downloader 4 Free" software version 1.4. Updates to fix problems downloading videos after youtube updates. Added support for downloading VEVO Music Videos.

YouTube Downloader 4 Free - News

2nd / March / 2012

Official release of "YouTube Downloader 4 Free" software.

YouTube Downloader 4 Free - News

2nd / February / 2012

Free YouTube Downloader app is in beta testing and should be released within 30 days.

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